Tractoring quail is an absolutely fantastic way to raise them. Not only does it give the birds access to fresh air, bugs and grasses to eat. Tractoring quail also has the added benefit of increasing soil fertility and reducing labor by completely eliminates having to empty and clean poop trays, a huge win.


By applying this triple bottom line approach to taking care of people, caring for the animals and benefiting the environment to The Quail Tracker we have created a completely unique way of raising quail at home. Not only did we apply these principles to the design of The Quail Tracker, but also to the material selection and manufacturing.


Being completely opposed to the disposable culture trend in our society, we have taken the opposite approach and focused on the best quality, longest lasting product that we can make, while still keeping it from being cost prohibitive for the end user. Our product is made from PVC coated heavy 16 gauge cage wire that will hold up to the elements, clean up easily and keep the birds protected from would be predators. Each of our cages is individually handmade and assembled in the USA.