The quail tracker is a unique and innovative way for raising quail at home.


When designing our quail cage system we wanted to create the most flexible and versatile product that we could, and we believe that we have done just that. With the quail tracker we have created a product that can provide the best quality housing throughout any part of the quails’ life cycle, from baby chicks through old egg layers. All are accommodated with a few simple adjustments.


The Quail Tracker majors in versatility, that with a few modifications even chicks as young as 4 days old can be housed, weather permitting, virtually eliminating the need to have a brooder. Simply add a heat lamp, and some cardboard for the flooring after 1-2 weeks remove the cardboard and lamp and enjoy not having a brooder to clean out. Not only is the Quail Tracker an excellent housing system for raising quail, it is also a great option for other poultry as well. The Quail Tracker is the perfect housing system for transitioning other young poultry from a brooder to free range life. Being designed to accommodate small birds, while also being robust and predator proof, The Quail Tracker has proven to be an extremely versatile homesteading tool for transitioning chickens, ducks and even turkeys to an outdoor environment while minimizing stress.


Accessory hatches

Another way that we have tried to create the most versatile product is by adding accessory hatches on the sides of the cage. These hatches allow you to attach a number of different accessories depending on your situation and allow you to fully customize your housing system to perfectly fit your needs, and the needs of your animals.


Our all metal coupe attachment is a great way to add extra space for your cage, as well as add a solid structure for the birds to escape harsh weather conditions. Featuring all metal construction, an elevated wire floor to keep the area from soiling up, and an easy access lockable flip top.

Another great way to employ the versatility of the accessory hatches is with a mesh row cover. Simply fasten one end around the hatch door and snake the mini aviary through your garden. The birds will love the extra space, and ability to explore, while you get the added benefit of organic pest control, fertilizer and some light ground working.

Yet another way side hatches can be utilized is with a removable compost cage. These cages are made of the same high quality material as the cage and will hold up to many years of use in the elements. These cages allow you to give your birds access to kitchen and garden scrapes, without soiling up the floor. The quick detachable design allows you to dump spent scraps, rinse and replace in minutes.


These are just a few examples of the versatility that the side accessory doors bring to the quail tracker.  By combining this with an open source stance on attachments for companies and entrepreneur we hope to help create nearly unlimited setup combinations making the quail tracker the ultimate flexibility and versatility in raising quail.

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