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Recommended optional accessories

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Lighting system

Depending on your location you might want to add a light to your Quail Tracker. These little solar lights do a great job of extending the day a few hours to keep your quail in full laying mode through the shorter days. There is a removable rechargeable AA battery inside, and also an on/off switch so you can turn the light off when not needed.


Tillin’ Tunnel AKA Row cover

A great way to give your birds additional square footage, and at the same time putting them to work! Haxnicks row covers are well built and come in 2 sizes, both work great with the Quail Tracker. Simply attach one end to cover one of the Quail Tracker accessory hatches and you can stretch out and stake the tunnel how you want. Be sure to take care in securing all edges when using the row cover, landscape staples and small sections of PVC piping can help make this an easy task. It’s also recommended that you secure the birds in the Quail Tracker at night as these row covers are strong enough to keep birds in, but not predators out.

Landscape Staples

Quail Egg Cutters

The only way to go when it comes to eating quail eggs. Quail eggs are notoriously tedious to crack, with their smallish size and thicker than normal inner membranes. The best way crack some quail is to lop one of the ends off with a sharp knife, and while this method works great for many talented chefs, it is also a bit dangerous for the common person. Using dedicated quail egg cutters eliminates any dangers of using a sharp knife on something so small, and makes cracking an omelettes worth of eggs a breeze. Once you try them you will NEVER want to crack a quail egg any other way.


Egg Basket

You’re going to need a way to haul all of those quail eggs, and trust me your hoodie pouch is not the best option. Sure it’s convenient until you forget the eggs are in there and lean forward on something then immediately remember, ask me how I know. These little baskets are perfect for collecting eggs and are well built to last a lifetime.

Egg Cartons


Convenient way for sorting, storing and stacking your quail eggs for consumption or sales. Cartons each hold 1 dozen and nest one on top of the other for convenience.  If taken care of can be used over and over to reduce waste.

Egg Flats

If your packaging large volumes of quail eggs you might want to consider using cardboard flats. Each flat holds 50 quail eggs and measures 6″ x 12″. These flats can also be used in certain incubators for holding eggs in the proper position.

Drakes Crispy Frymix

Hands down the best breading I have ever found for quail, fish or anything you want with a delicious golden crisp. Makes the best beer batter you have ever tasted and a 5# bag is good for a lot of frying. Try it once and you will be hooked!

Quail Fryer 5000 AKA Presto 05470

If the pictures above make your mouth water, consider getting yourself a personal quail fryer. By far one of the easiest and tastiest ways to perpare your quail. This little deep fryer is small enough to not take up a bunch of counter space, but large enough to cook a whole bird. Unlike other deep fryers of this size it includes a basket which is the perfect size for frying up single servings of anything from french fries to quail thighs.