Dust baths

Quail absolutely love dust baths! They will chirp and peep and take turns diving into it. Any sort of small container that they fit in can be used. Dollar store dishpans make great containers.


 Getting a container with slightly higher walls will help keep the mess in the container, but not too high that they can’t get in. You can use a lot of different things for the mix: play sand, dirt, ash, etc.. I also like to add a small amount of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) to keep them mite free.


The males crow. It’s nothing like a rooster, but it is a rather distinctive sound. Not all males are created equal, some have a high pitched shriek of a crow. While others have a lower pitch almost growl.

Some males will crow incessantly, while others rarely crow.  I have found that the ones that are the most annoying are also the ones that taste the best. I’m not really sure why, maybe it’s in my head.

The distance that this will be audible will vary. With direct line of sight and the garage door, and windows open, I can pick up the sound at 50’ away. Further out from that it drops off significantly. With the garage door shut and the windows shut I can barely hear it at 20’ away. This all completely depends on the males also. The higher pitch call seems to travel significantly further than the lower pitch one.

Pecking and Scratching


Quail are ground birds by nature and enjoy nothing more than to be able to peck and scratch at things. Giving them access to the ground will make them very happy as it allows them to full fill this instinct. This behavior can also be used to your advantage if controlled to let the quail “work” a certain area or garden.